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get involved and win stuff.

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Starts Wednesday 12th August

28 September 2020


And the winner is...

Georgina K, VIC

Thank you to all those who participated in Large Almond Latte Media's Bachelor Tip and Win. Please note this promotion has now closed.



This season of The Bachelor AU, Locky Gilbert is looking for love. To make it extra enticing, Large Almond Latte Media are running a Bachelor tip and win promotion with a grand prize from our friends at Little Shop of Happiness. And best of all? It’s FREE to enter!

Make sure you get your first tips in here before Wednesday 12th August at 7:15pm! 

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how to play
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Like us on Instagram and make sure you’re in our Facebook group to be eligible!

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Register here (and save the link).  This is where you’ll place your tips.

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Enter one person you think won't receive a rose by 7.15pm each night of the show. (Don’t be late!)

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1 correct guess = 1 point

As an example, if you were to choose ‘Steph’ for Wednesday’s episode, and she leaves the mansion, you will receive a point.

When the episode finishes, You will then need to enter in your tips for Thursday’s episode.

the prize

Thanks to our friends at Little Shop of Happiness you could win a unique gift box full of happy products!

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promotional rules and guidelines
  • The promotion is for the 2020 Season 8 run of The Bachelor starring Locky Gilbert airing on Network 10 in Australia, referred to herein as ‘the show’.

  • Promotion open in the following states and territories: Tasmania, Victoria, Queensland, South Australian, Northern Territory and Western Australia. 

  • Promotion is not valid in NSW or ACT or for those residing in these states and territories. 

  • Times and dates are according to AEST, UTC +10:00 / +11:00

  • The Promotion will officially begin from 7:00pm on August 10 2020, and run until 7:15pm on the day of the finale [TBC by Network 10]. 

  • Tips must be entered in at . Tips submitted through any other format (Facebook/text etc.) will not be accepted. 

  • To be eligible, participants need to: 

  1. Be a singular person (not a group or corporation)

  2. Only enter the tipping Promotion once

  3. Register their tip every Wednesday and Thursday by 7.15pm sharp for the duration of the show’s run. Tips will also need to be entered for any episode aired outside this schedule (e.g. Sunday)

  4. Be a member of the Large Almond Latte Facebook Group at time of finale

  5. Like the Large Almond Latte Instagram page at time of finale

  6. Live in one of the above states or territories at time of finale and during tipping

  7. Not be affiliated with the show  in a work or personal capacity, or have inside knowledge of the show outcome

  8. Eligibility will be finalised by the Large Almond Latte Media Team at their discretion

  9. Winner is final. The results stand as they are. There is no appeals process.

  10. Participants are welcome to join the free Promotion as long as they meet the above guidelines regardless of age, sex, gender, nationality or sexual orientation.

  11. Immediate family of the members of the LAL Media team are ineligible for play. 

  •  For every correct tip, a participant receives a point. 

  • If a participant forgets to tip, they will receive an automatic score of 0 for that round. 

  • A participant may change their selection an unlimited amount of times prior to 7:15pm before the round's episode.

  • If a participant hasn’t updated tips and has selected a person who has already left the show, they will score 0.

  • If more than one contestant does not receive a rose on that date, then any participant who guessed at least one contestant will receive a point. If no one leaves that day, no one gets a point. 

  •  The person can leave by: not receiving a rose or choosing to leave for points to count. 

  • The winner will be determined by the participant who has scored the most points during the course of the season. 

  • If through points alone, the winner will be officially contacted through Facebook message, and then announced at the conclusion of the finale on social media and the Large Almond Latte Media website.

  • If at the end of the season there is more than one winner, the finalists will participate in a ‘Sudden Death’ round: Each finalist will be required to send a submission to stating in their own words which contestant should have won the show, in no more than 50 words. The winner will then be chosen at the Large Almond Latte Media team’s discretion. When chosen, the winner will then be officially contacted through Facebook message before being announced on social media and the Large Almond Latte Media website. 

  • Winner details will be published on the Large Almond Latte Media Facebook page, Instagram page, and website. This will be visible for a minimum period of 28 days.

  • The winner will be contacted directly through Facebook direct message about their win, and to receive their address to receive their subsequent prize. 

  • The prize consists of a prize pack of a Mini Box of Happiness from The Little Shop of Happiness valued at RRP $AU57.00 that will be sent directly from the business to the winner. For more detail on the prize providers, please visit 

  • If the winner is uncontactable, does not provide their address within the 28 day period or in that period is disqualified for other circumstances, the prize will then go to the next eligible person (the one who came second).

  • Any participants found to have been cheating, colluding, or engaging in disrespectful, unlawful, privately or publicly condoned conduct as found by the Large Almond Latte Media team in the Promotion, toward Large Almond Latte Media contestants, staff or others, will be automatically disqualified from the Promotion. 

  • Large Almond Latte Media reserve the right to change, modify or cancel the Promotion at their discretion. 

  • We acknowledge that the promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by or associated with Facebook, Instagram, Wix, Network 10 or any personalities from The Bachelor and is run solely by Large Almond Latte Media. All opinions and content is Large Almond Latte Media’s own.

  •  Large Almond Latte Media are following the Promotion rules and guidelines as stated by the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation. This Promotion runs as a trade promotion for Large Almond Latte Media and as such, no monies are required for entry, no monies shall be made by Large Almond Latte Media, and no monies will be used as prize. 

  • This Promotion is in a loop promotion with Little Shop of Happiness, who are providing the prize for the Promotion winner in exchange for mentions in Large Almond Latte Media socials and website. 

  • As participants, and from liking our Instagram page and becoming a member of our Facebook group, Large Almond Latte Media will receive overall user data and insights from our users. By entering this Promotion, you are giving your consent. If you would like to opt out of this, please contact ​

  • In case there are any unforeseen circumstances, glitches or technicalities which arise, Large Almond Latte Media will deliberate and find a common solution to determine the way forward.

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