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meet the team

Two women providing your NEW stop for the conversations you have at brunch.

who is sipping the large almond lattes?

Co-Founders and school friends Jessica and Nicole were using lockdown during COVID-19 not to get fit or learn French, but to start doing what they always wanted: providing unwarranted opinions, armchair critic weigh-ins, reviews and entertainment through podcasts, articles and newsletters.

When they realised they were pretty much the same person talking about the same funny shit, they realised they could band together to provide a one-stop-shop for all your brunch banter and lol chat over your large almond lattes.

Whether you want to listen, scroll or have our content sent straight to you (no shame in being a lazy b, we get it), Large Almond Latte Media has been created with the older millennial in mind, where our users help shape the story of our original, socio-culturally relevant entertainment.

Meet The Team: Team Members

Jessica Taylor Yates

Co-Founder & Content Lead

Web | Social | Newsletter

 Large Almond Latte Media

Hello, I'm Jess, or Japes. I enjoy never missing an episode of Judge Judy, pasta, bright colours, talking about my cancelled wedding and juice. Specifically orange WITH pulp. 


In my abundance of free time, I write the LAL Monthly Newsletter, as well as deep and meaningful articles for you to scroll to, like 'How to Judge People According To Where They Sit on The Dog Scale' and getting you to watch what I watch so we can talk about it. 


I'd love for you to get in on the conversation, so join our socials. Let's talk:

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Nicole Sherwin

Co-Founder & Content Lead

Web | Social | Podcast

Large Almond Latte Media

Oh, that's what she looks like... I'm the voice of Large Almond Latte. 


Because podcasts don't use spellcheck and I need to prove to my parents that sending me to drama school was definitely worth it. 


My dog is my best friend, even though I don't think he likes me very much. 


I'm currently enjoying a mini-retirement as a Real Housewife, while I look after my new baby (who is a human, not a dog):

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Maple at home.PNG


Human Resources

I am Maple, a cute af lrish Wolfhound/Airedale (?) blend.


I was adopted in 2019 and work as HR to make sure things keep moving.

You can find me watching my stories from 9-5, acting like I have never been fed in my life, and cruise all my adventures on my insta which gains way more traction than my humans cos I am a semi-influencer now: @maple_gram.


Louise Lenny Batman

Office Manager

I spend a lot of time hiding in shoes and inside jumpers. 


I will come out if I can smell food and you will give me some.


I don't like walks and I don't like my owner. Otherwise you will find I'm a good boy.

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