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podcast show notes

Because sometimes there's shit you need to see.

Image by kevin laminto
12 | It's time for a skincare routine

If you're 30, you definitely need to know htf to use these products.

03 | The cooked history behind modern wedding traditions

Who doesn't love a wedding?  Probably every woman who was wed before 1900.

19 | women aren't funny

Except that we are

19 | what makes a pub a pub?

As shared by you in the Facebook group.

19 | film review:

A film 'desperado' for some LOLZ and getting none from me.

18 | it's time for a make-up routine

With expert advice from Bridget Sophie

18 | top 5 useless skills

As shared by you in the Facebook group.

18 | film review:
can you keep a secret?

Finally a movie we actually want you to watch!

Image by Izabelly Marques
02 | Normal behaviours with your dog

Like sharing a nice drop of Pinot.

Image by Christian Erfurt
01 | The 1/3 life crisis

You can have a quarter life crisis and you can have a midlife crisis but what about a third life crisis?


It will change your life, just like laser hair removal.

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