• Nicole Sherwin and Lucy Scott

Am I Too Old To Wear That?

Can I wear chunky shoes? Are Veja's sneakers still a thing? And wtf can I wear now that I'm over 25?!

Can I wear this now that I'm over 25? Source: 9Honey.

After a year living in trackies, we needed HALP with our fash game. On our Instagram, we asked you to send in your questions and there were MANY.

So, we’ve created 'The Millennial Guide To Fashion' with fashion expert Lucy Scott, to give you the answers to the elder millennials' most important fashion questions, like, does fashion have an age limit? (Yes, no, who cares what people think? Me, I do). I have about as much depth as a kid's swimming pool and I crave positive reinforcement, so I'm reassured by someone who knows wtf is going on: cue Lucy.

So Lucy, what's the GO with chunky shoes? Do they have an age limit?

Nope! It’s all about confidence! If you like a trend and you can invest in a piece that will go with your existing wardrobe, then go for it! Where people come unstuck is buying into a trend that is so different from their usual style that they need to buy new things to go with it.

Chunky sandals are going nowhere, everything coming in for Spring/Summer 2021 (SS21) is still fairly chunky, but perhaps a bit more refined and wearable than when they first came on the scene (and it was all about the ‘ugly’ chunky sandal). Chunky sandals are sticking around because they are comfy, but they go with everything. I can’t see myself going back to a super flat thin soled sandal anytime soon.