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  • Nicole Sherwin and Lucy Scott

Am I Too Old To Wear That?

Can I wear chunky shoes? Are Veja's sneakers still a thing? And wtf can I wear now that I'm over 25?!

Can I wear this now that I'm over 25? Source: 9Honey.

After a year living in trackies, we needed HALP with our fash game. On our Instagram, we asked you to send in your questions and there were MANY.

So, we’ve created 'The Millennial Guide To Fashion' with fashion expert Lucy Scott, to give you the answers to the elder millennials' most important fashion questions, like, does fashion have an age limit? (Yes, no, who cares what people think? Me, I do). I have about as much depth as a kid's swimming pool and I crave positive reinforcement, so I'm reassured by someone who knows wtf is going on: cue Lucy.

So Lucy, what's the GO with chunky shoes? Do they have an age limit?

Nope! It’s all about confidence! If you like a trend and you can invest in a piece that will go with your existing wardrobe, then go for it! Where people come unstuck is buying into a trend that is so different from their usual style that they need to buy new things to go with it.

Chunky sandals are going nowhere, everything coming in for Spring/Summer 2021 (SS21) is still fairly chunky, but perhaps a bit more refined and wearable than when they first came on the scene (and it was all about the ‘ugly’ chunky sandal). Chunky sandals are sticking around because they are comfy, but they go with everything. I can’t see myself going back to a super flat thin soled sandal anytime soon.

So, which ones? I’m all for a bargain, but these are the OG chunky sandal from Marni with beautiful quality leather, and are incredibly comfy if you can afford to splash out. You can get them from Incu or DJs in loads of different colours.

Alias Mae also have some excellent more affordable options coming in over the next few months.

Shop the look below:

What about chunky boots?

This is one I’m on the fence about, but good luck trying to find a boot that's not chunky this season- trust me I’ve tried! Chunky boots are far harder to pull off than their summer equivalent, due to them being harder to style with your usual bottoms like jeans.

If you’re really into this trend and want to give it a go, I recommend pairing with a skirt and knit, or a knit dress, for a more feminine take on this look. This style from Alias Mae is a slightly more femme version with a bit of a heel, or a lace up style will will work well with dresses.

Time will tell whether chunky boots will hang around past Autumn/Winter 2021 (AW21) but looking at the overseas collections indicate they might be hanging around a little while longer.

Shop the look below:

Are Veja sneakers still cool?

Yes they are and a fab sustainable option also! If you’re already a fan of Vejas, their newer sport inspired shapes are a great update! I also love Superga’s organic range, created with organic cotton and hemp with the look of a classic canvas sneaker.

In saying that, in my opinion, my trusty leather Spring Courts are still the best sneaker for all day wear! I can jet off to Sydney at 5 am, be in-studio on concrete floors all day and be home in Melbourne by 10 pm without sore feet in these bad boys.

Shop the look below:

Now you know, so get shopping! And don't forget to use Shopback to get cashback from participating online retailers.

Stay tuned for more of The Elder Millennial Guide To Fashion and slide into our Insta DMs to submit your own fashion questions for our expert Lucy!


Lucy Scott has worked in fashion for over 15 years, working with some of Australia's biggest brands. Lucy's favourite things in life are expensive cheeses and her cat Mavis.


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