• Jessica Taylor Yates

Are You In A Cult And You Don't Even Know?

Kmart, T.Swift, F45, AFL...are you triggered yet?

If you go here, spend money here and are trying to get to the next 'level’...well...Source: F45 Training

So, for loyal followers and listeners (thanks, our mums) you'd know that while Nikki and I have our differences, we have these three things in common: we love anything about large almond lattes, cults, and MLMs. Nik did a great deep dive on the podcast episode Cults, and you can read about our other hot cult topics below if you're just as intrigued as us (which you are, cos you clicked on this one):

Cults generally all have the same characteristics, some of which include:

  • Exceptionally loyal following to the cult leader

  • Zero questioning of the leader or cause

  • Being dictated on how members should act, think and feel

  • An Us Vs. Them or Elitist Mentality

  • Devoted time to the cult

  • An expectation to either bring in new members, money, or other transactional means

Source: International Cultic Studies Association

For example, Scientology:

  • Exceptionally loyal following to the cult leader: Obviously, how they all follow the teaching without question of the founder, L. Ron Hubbard.

  • Zero questioning of the leader or cause: Scientologists believe that 'Xenu' was the dictator of the Galactic Confederacy who brought billions of his people to Earth 75 million years ago.

  • Being dictated how members should act, think and feel: Scientology is literally all about your mindset - you are frequently put in auditing sessions to change the way you think and feel, disconnected with your family, made to leave your family for years at a time, and not to question anything in the church.

  • An Us Vs. Them or Elitist Mentality: Think Tom Cruise and his kids, how everyone says it's healed them and those who leave are labelled 'Suppressive Persons', and are not to be spoken to and are totally cut off.

  • Devoted time to the cult: In her memoir, Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology, Leah Remini stated that all her time was devoted to Scientology - she would race form the set of Ki