• Jessica Taylor Yates and Nicole Sherwin

Bachelor Recap E09: Locky's Letters Home

Time to pull out the Bitch Magnet Blue.

Source: Channel 10

Dear Mummy,

Now, I know you said I can come out of the basement and just tell you all this in person, but LOCKY has FEELINGS and he needs to write these down to EXPRESS HIMSELF. Also, can I please have an orange juice box?

Anyway. I’m still dating my harem of girlfriends, and today I met THEIR mummies with their dowry offerings. I thought about bringing you out of the Good Room to meet them, but it wasn’t worth taking you away from the chardonnay, honesty mummy. Their dowry offerings were rubbish. They had tighter purse strings than Channel 10.

Where my 10 camels at? This is bullshit. Source: News.com.au