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Bachie In Paradise LAL Recap: Final Week

I am here for this love story

By Katherine Lambert

We look kinda related...Source: Network 10.

Wednesday night on Bachelor in Paradise.

It’s the penultimate episode before the finale, and in this ep we see the families and closest friends crash Paradise. There’s nothing that brings the Fijian atmosphere crashing down like the Mum of your gf saying, “That’s a real dog act, actually. You’re a lyin’, cheatin’ dog.”

Strong words from Mama Kiki.

But does anyone really disagree with her?

Anyone? Source: Imgr

But first, the rose ceremony.

Brittney and Jackson rationally decide to leave Paradise together before the finale, as it’s too early days to fly their family over to Fiji. Sucks for the fam!

We all know meeting the fam is a Big Deal. So the commitment ceremony confirms whether it’s just a Paradise fling or something more serious. We see cute couples like Mary and Conor give each other a rose. They’ve been low-key super serious and I don’t think any of us realised just how loved up they were.

Alisha: “I am here for this love story.”

Meanwhile, Alisha and Glenn are SUPER cute, giggly etc. about each other and allegedly they are the only surviving couple to this day. That’s according to some sleuthing from Now to love so it’s pretty hard evidence if you ask me. However…Mary and Conor might give them a run for their money.

Mia and Scot approach