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Bachie in Paradise: LAL Weekly Recap 3

MAFs isn’t really my thing, but I can spot a dinner disaster when I see one. Enter the Bula Banquet.

By Katherine Lambert

Source: Network 10

And that’s another week down in Paradise. I don’t know about you, but personally, every possible evening is now revolving around this show. Why? Because I live in Melbourne, and all my local haunts of gyms, bars, restaurants and rugby fields are c-l-o-s-ed, until further notice.

As usual, there’s been a flurry of events happening on The Island. We saw four new gents enter the villa (in multiple ways, stay tuned), an ex and A New Girl.

But first – progression with Stalker Jamie and Brittney.

Following the rose ceremony, Jamie decides to take Brittney on a DIY date for a bit of beach and bubbles. She’s excited because she’s actually into him, she gives him all the eyes, the vibes, and goes at least 40% of the way.

His reaction?

“I got no chemistry from her.”