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Bachie in Paradise: LAL Weekly Recap 5

You don't need to have solved a million homicides to know who's in this for the blue Instagram tick.

By Katherine Lambert

Heading into the last week of Paradise and we’re seeing the aftermath of the rose ceremony. Naturally, there’s tension between Cass and Brittney. It doesn’t help when the next day a date card arrives and it goes to Cass! She takes Jackson (shock) and Brittney is devastated. PSA, I think we all need to take a moment to appreciate Kiki, who’s a bloody bombshell in Paradise and any man, especially Ciarran, would be lucky to have her. Moving on.

A new chick enters Paradise and she looks awe-some! Mainly cause she looks like an authentic, down to earth chick. Loving it. Her name’s Keely, but clearly Keira has a problem with that, because she’s just taking the piss and calling her every name under the Fijian sun bar that.

“There are so many names to remember, the bartender… the housekeeper…”

Alex is keen on Keely, yet Keira is holding on tighter.