Bachie Success Stories

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to find f̶a̶m̶e̶ love.

I'll never forget your betrayal to me and all of Australia, Honey Badger. Source: Network 10.

Ask anyone what they've been up to over lockdown in Australia, and the answers are pretty much the same: going to the supermarket, having an awkward little 'stroll', ordering too much take-out...and getting into Bach.

Whilst I personally can't get into Paradise (but if you can, we have recaps, don't you worry!) the OG Bach is where it's at. Yes, it can be sexist, painful, and tedious watching people trying too hard to become influennnzzaaas to get free lip filler. But, there is a pretty high success rate, particularly in Australia as opposed to other dating shows out there. This refreshes. This gives hope. And we all need hope right now. So, before we start BachieLocky's series on Aug 12, let's take a deep dive into the rels that Bach produced that actually stuck:

Tim Robards and Anna Heinrich (The Bachelor AU Season 1, 2014)

Don't forget those sweet sweet sponsorships. Source: @mrtimrobards

The OG Bach and The Beautiful Anna were meant to be. Apparently, between shirtless wanders on the beach, OG Bach Tim kept telling producers he just wanted to take lawyer Anna on dates, and they were like 'Um, that's not how Bach works Tim, did you read the forms?' Was prob her super cool different lipsticks that did it. Who has the right to look that good with purple lips? Anyway. Starting the trend of now getting to do Myer promos at the Races, launching a fitness/wellness