• Jessica Taylor Yates

Best Golden Globes Dresses Of All Time

My fellow armchair judges, awaken: it's time.

So. The 78th Golden Globes will be once upon us this year, and that means only one thing: red carpet time!

Me, on the couch with Doritos down my shirt watching the red carpet arrivals and partaking in my all-time favourite hobby: Judging. Source: GiPHY

Sure, there's nominations, but as 2020 was a clusterfuck of a year with cinemas, movie productions and tv crews shut down worldwide, I'm not sure it's gonna be the best of the best.

That said, it may be an interesting telecast - streaming services are included, many guests will be attending virtually (you better dress up, dammit!) and I'm interested to see which celebs get together to booze on in their homes or cast parties. Plus, best of all: it's gonna be hosted by legends Amy Poehler and (my best friend) Tina Fey! If you remember, when they hosted in 2014 they served us classics like this:

I am dead! Deceased!! Source: Buzzfeed.

Anyway. They better bring the bants, and our celebs better bring the fash. After 2020, we need this. But until then, or if they disappoint us (judging by how 2021 is going so far: likely) I have collated a list of the best fashions on the Golden Globes.

Yes, we have some repeat offenders on my extremely biased list. But if people like Angelina Jolie, Kate Hudson and Drew Barrymore are consistent, then praise be, I will respect that. They shouldn't be punished for being well-liked. Personally, I like my Kate a little hippy, my Drew a little kooky and my Ange vampy af, and they do not disappoint. Let's go!

The Best Golden Globes Looks Of All Time

Any we missed? Let us know in the comments or slide into our DMs.

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For a full list of the nominations, see below.

The 78th Golden Globes will air Monday 1 March AEST from 12:00pm-3:00pm on Foxtel's ARENA. The Red Carpet will be live from 9am on the E! Channel. If anyone knows how we can bypass this and watch for free (say, at your house, rich kid/boomer), let us know immediately.