• Jessica Taylor Yates

A List Of The Best Shows Of 2021

Note: Sex/Life does not make the cut.

Why Women Kill
Image: WWK

So, we thought this year was going to be more about travel, heading out, and getting back to our pre-COVID lives.


As Delta, Omicron and Who-the-fuck-knows-what's-next-icron continue to, you know, ruin all our Hot Girl Summers, we turned to old faithful: TV. And look, it did not disappoint, although I'll supply a caveat: I didn't watch Squid Game cos I don't need more negative shit ruining my year, so it's not on here, get over it.

While we are still waiting for many cliffhangers from 2020, these are the shows that got us through the year. And if you didn't get a chance to watch yet, no worries - Omicron will solve that for you with plenty of time inside to view.

Happy holidays!

Best TV shows this year

Best newcomer: Why Women Kill S1 and S2

Smashed 1 and 2 in record time. bring on S3...Image: Paramount

Okay. So this show was, without a shadow of a doubt, my absolute #1 this year. I want to shout it from the rooftops that everyone needs to put down whatever they're adding to cart and direct their attention to this programming.

From the creator of Desperate Housewives (DH), Why Women Kill (WWK) is a dark comedy mystery that is, in a word, delicious. Bringing the same bright cinematography as DH, we start our story behind the closed doors of women making sweet apple pie.

Season 1 focuses on three separate storylines of women who have lived in the same house in different periods of time - the 50s (with Big Love's Ginnifer Goodwin as the eager-to-please 50s housewife) the 80s (Lucy Liu as a 'Real Housewife' in the shoulder pads of her career) and now (with The Good Place's Kirsty Howell-Baptiste). In each story, we know that a woman will kill. But guessing who kills and who dies will keep you going alongside a magnificent backdrop of 50s tea sets, 80s metallics and modern-day throuples. This comedy-drama is a hell of a ride, and Season 2 in the anthology keeps the adrenalin going with a brand new story about Alma, a 1940s housewife who will do anything to get into society's Garden Club - anything.