• Jessica Taylor Yates

10 Do Gooder Date Ideas

What, like its hard?

Are you prepared to do a charity run with a partner like Phoebe? Source: NBC

Dating season is BACK, y'all. No longer does a connection on a Hinge app mean an awkward Zoom convo or sad stroll around a park as contributor Gee Kay lamented about here. Restaurants, movies and bars are back in business. But if you've seen how many people have been affected during COVID, particularly the less fortunate - why not turn date night into a way to give back? All the below are a new way to connect with your date, whilst still having a fabbo time! Plus, you get the ultimate #humblebrag rights with your mates for dayyzzz, let's be honest. Let's go!

1. Give Blood

"Close your eyes, you can hear them all saying it now..." Source: GiPHY

An oldie but a goodie. Did you know that in Australia, 62K appointments are needed every week?! Also, just one appointment can save THREE lives. The whole appointment lasts about an hour, where you and your date can watch tv, chat, and enjoy some free snacks and drinks after. Plus, you kiinddd of get to walk around feeling like superheroes after, right? Find out more about giving blood with the Red Cross here.

2. Eat at a place that gives back to charity

Eat for humanity? I'll take two pls. Source: GiPHY

Social enterprise setups. So hot right now. In Victoria, think places like Lentil As Anything, Shebeen, Kinfold, Landro Monday BBQ. Basically, they're restaurants or pop-ups where profits or a share of proceeds go to those less fortunate. The best part is that you still get a brilliant meal, but with the added value of it helping someone else. In Vic, there are those listed above, or you can check some out here. I like writing about this actually, it makes me feel all good inside, so may feature more for 2021!

3. Take a cooking class that gives back

Me making toast unsupervised... Source: GiPHY

Free to Feed is supports and champions the 'unique skills and individual stories' of people seeking asylum and new migrants. According to their website, Free to Feed 'host authentic food experiences and workshops...run events and provide catering' as well as food for delivery/pick-up. Their 2021 experiences calendar is up, so get booking for your next fabbo date for a fun new cooking experience here.

4. Order in from a charitable catering service

Fin. Source: GiPHY

The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) provides an opportunity for asylum seekers to cook and serve food at functions. When COVID hit, they turned to pick-up and delivery. All dishes are vegan, as well as gluten and nut-free. Best of all? The cost of your meal covers one for a person seeking asylum. Look to order your next candlelit dinner from the ASRC here.

5. Walk dogs at a pet shelter

Best day ever! Source: GiPHY

More of a day dater? That's cool. Many rescue shelters are overrun with caring for animals and admin, and appreciate all the help they can get - cue, YOU! Contact your local shelter to see when you can come to help out - perhaps a play with the kittens, a walk of the dogs, cleaning their cages or just some cuddles - these animals will love you for it.

6. Attend a charity fundraiser

I'm a giver. Source: GiPHY

Why not a gala, dahling? From balls to BBQs, no one said giving had to be ghastly. This website has a list of upcoming charity events - from relays to rock concerts, give back by going out!

7. Work providing food for charitable organisations

The Rock approves. Source: GiPHY

Places like Foodbank Australia provide many opportunities to volunteer on your date out, whether you get together and help at School Breakfast Club, delivering food to those in need, or getting a group together. You could also look into assisting at your local soup kitchen, or with organisations such as OzHarvest, Second Bite or The Big Umbrella.

8. Go to a working bee

There's always one. Source: GiPHY

So, back when I was at school, working bees were très dorky. How wrong I was. Caring about the environment is IN, and that's great. Find one at a local school for a day date, or you can even just type 'Working Bee Events' into Google and a range will come up in your area. Plus, watching your partner get all lumberjack = yes pls.

9. Organise to do a charity run, ride etc. together

The classy way to run. Source: NBC

Get your Phoebe on! I keep telling my man friend we should get into a hobby like running together. We met in the middle and decided on eating KFC at 4 pm while watching Brooklyn 99, but YOU should do it. Whether it's a walk, run, bike ride, working together for a goal that helps others and is also good for your bod is a win-win. You can also look into fun ones like Miss. Muddy if you want to just give it a go and have a laff!

10. Host your own event

IN. Source: GiPHY

More of a homebody? That's cool. Why don't you guys get together and host an event for a charity of your choice - a brunch, a BBQ, variety night, dress up party. Friends are bound to come along and support (perhaps out of guilt, but whatever) and you can have a whale of a time while doing good for humanity. You could even set up silent or loud auctions, challenges and dares to raise more. You got this!

More ideas for charitable dates that are good for humanity? Let us know!!