• Nicole Sherwin

Feeling Digitally Drained? You're Not Alone.

In a world we can’t currently access physically, phones are the new escape vehicles – and we’re driving like maniacs.

Source: Search Engine Journal

Sometimes I feel like I spend more time looking at my phone than my child, boyfriend, or whatever low brand TV show I’m watching. And it’s exhausting- what I am even looking at? I couldn’t tell you what I’ve been doing, but my friendly Apple screentime reminder will tell me that I’ve been doing something on my phone for 3-4 hours a day. The answer is, I’ve been doing everything because we use our phones for everything. Digital media penetrates every aspect of our lives, which makes it that much harder to take a digital break when in reality, we really need one.

"...every time I looked at my phone I got anxious, I felt inadequate, my total mood dipped."

Rewind back to last summer, which feels like it was about five years ago. I was approximately 234 months pregnant. Social media was my personal hell and I was my own torturer. Watching my friends through the augmented, magic lens of social media, I felt like they had become blue-tick certified D-graders. They were living my dream, while I had been left behind. They would all bump into each other at the Melbourne Cup Carnival or catch up for Aperols at a bar on a Sunday. Meanwhile, I felt like Free Willy with a bowling ball about to drop out of my pelvis.

In reality, they were literally just going outside their homes and having a semblance of a social life like regular people, and I was probably mourning the childless life and abs I would never have again. But, every time I looked at my phone I got anxious, I felt inadequate and my total mood dipped. I had what is known as mad ‘