• Jessica Taylor Yates

FOMO About Small Groups During Restrictions? SAME.

Your mates are out without you at bars and houses, their 'Top Five' a big smack in the face like the MySpace Top 8 of yore.

"She thinks she's gonna have a party and not invite me?!" Source: Paramount/

So, restrictions have been a real whirlwind on the social front. From starting out NYE 2020 with an absolute bang, chanting with thousands of people to the cries of, 'It's gonna be my year!' (Lol!) to a swift lockdown with literally no one but you and your internet connection for company. Then there were rules around five people in the home or out and about, 10 at a park, eight at a table, whatever they are (they change so much!) it can be hard not to feel overwhelmed, confused - and left out.

I'll admit, the one good thing about lockdown was zero fomo (fear of missing out). Like, I'm not jealous of the 10th puzzle you completed with your partner on your Saturday night mate - I have my own to get through.

But suddenly, with restrictions lifted in Melbourne and around the world, we have to navigate the world of Instagram stories again - your mates out without you at restaurants, bars and houses, their 'Top Five' a big smack in the face like the MySpace Top 8 of yore. It can make me feel so incredibly immature when I look at these and feel a twinge (or rather, a huge pull) of jealousy and utter, utter fomo. I want to be like those mature people who love staying in, stay off socials, don't care for the group events, couldn't care less who people hang with, and are happy with their lot. Basically, adults. But I am such a social butterfly, I want to be at everything, with everyone, always! And every time I look, I'm like, why didn't they call me? Why am I not in the Top Five?

Now, I know it's lame. I know it's immature, and I am a 32-year-old woman, not a 15-year-old aspiring TiK ToK star. I try to rationalise my thoughts as to why I feel this way (with critical thinking, a term I just learned in my third decade), why I care, and what I can do about it. So, if you're like me in trying to cure it, apparently, there are some tips for us:

You can't fit everyone in your Top Five, either

Like, legally. Source: GiPHY

I recently saw on Instagram that friends of mine had gotten together for a dinner. Whilst the best idea is to just - you know - not go on Instagram, I did, and so my initial reaction was - why didn't they invite me? (I know, so insecure). But I had to think rationally. It just isn't possible for all of us to always be everywhere and at every social event, even if I need contact so much that right now I'd go to the opening of an envelope. If you can't have six peeps at your event, wake up - neither can they!

It isn't personal

Do I not love enough? Source: GiPHY

As insecure as it sounds (that me!) it's SO hard not to take it personally when you see groups of your friends together, SANS you. For me, I get embarrassingly insecure - am I boring? Do they not like me? Are they talking about