• Nicole Sherwin

Film Review: Holidate

The Netflix Holiday Season has peaked early.

A Christmas Tree. It must be a Christmas movie. Source: Glamour

The last movie I watched with Emma Roberts was Little Italy, which I reviewed a few months ago on the pod. If you recall, it was more than a little bit shit, so you can understand my trepidation in watching not only another Emma Roberts movie, but a holiday themed Emma Roberts movie. But friends, I can confirm that a Christmas miracle has occurred - Emma Roberts has finally made her first good movie since Wild Child in 2008.

The Holidate stars Roberts as Sloane and Strayan Luke Bracey as Jackson. You may remember Luke as Trey Palmer from Home and Away. If not, let me describe him for you. He looks like a combination of all three Hemsworth brothers. He’s a holiday treat.

Jackson and Sloane are two hot single people. They meet in the mall, while they’re both trying to return shitty Christmas gifts. At this point, it becomes abundantly clear whe these two very good looking people cannot lock it down. He’s a little bit sexist and she’s super whingy.

Give me that margherita. Source: The New York Times

They agree that they will be each other’s 'holidate', meaning, every holiday they will be each other’s purely platonic date. Jackson gets to avoid all the “crazy bitches” during the holidays and Sloane can take someone home to her nagging AF mum. Uh oh, friends without benefits, someone is going to get hurt.

With each holiday that passes, their chemistry increases and they fall for each other that little bit more.

But then, a dilemma. Her brother’s wedding is on Labor Day, a holiday but also a wedding, which is not part of their deal. What to do? They both take separate dates. Yes, Jackson is invited to her brother's wedding because Chicago is such a small town and everyone knows each other. They are both sooooo jealous. If you didn’t know it by now, a.k.a you’ve never seen a single rom com in your life, it’s so abundantly clear that they have fallen for each other.

The next holiday is Halloween and they go to a party together. There are so many parties and drinking occasions in this movie, I am absolutely itching to go out drinking. She gets loose and her sister hooks her up with some pills to make her feel better.

Jackson takes her home because he’s a good guy and uh oh, turns out the pills were laxatives! She shits herself and he helps her bathe afterwards.If that isn’t