• Nicole Sherwin

Film Review: Operation Christmas Drop

The Netflix Christmas Season has taken a sharp turn due south.

Source: Digital Spy

This segment is from the podcast episode, 'This Is Your (Social) Life. Listen below where you get your pods:

Our lady lead is Erica, played by Kat Graham whom you may recall from critically acclaimed productions such as Vampire Diaries and Honey 2. Erica is an ambitious, super career driven and totally obnoxious, congresswoman's aid in D.C. She’s having a lot of success in her career, doing things like Christmas shopping for her boss. She obvi hasn’t hit 30 because she would have definitely given up if she had.

Her congresswoman boss needs to shut down some army bases to save those tax payer dollars, because optics. There’s one base that’s a gimme. They just spend their tax paid time dropping off Christmas gifts to the surrounding islands. Murica is a military power and they should be dropping bombs, not love.

She gives zero fucks that it’s Christmas and sends Erica to this island base in Guam to find all the reasons to shut them down. The island is stunning, like the kind Kimmy K rented out for her bday, but with an airforce base. The position of the base is actually highly strategic, which I’m sure actually is important, just not to this movie.

Then we meet pilot Andrew, who you’ll only know as Cato in the Hunger Games. He’s as average as his name suggests. He is just a real nice guy. We meet him while he’s Christmas carolling over skype with is family, which as someone who hates Christmas carols is an immediate de-rection.