Film Review: The Assistant

Am I dumb, or is this just...okay?

The Assistant Trailer

Source: Bleecker Street

So, I'm writing this in the hope that I eventually write heaps of film reviews, they get noticed and then I live my dream and get to go to the movies fo freeee! No point beating around the bush. In saying that, we're here now, so let's dive into the latest film I saw - at A REAL CINEMA in 2020, can you believe it?

Now, I'll start by saying, I literally would have seen anything, I missed MECCA, aka my local cinema, so much. The chairs, the overpriced choc-tops, being told off for talking, needing to stifle my lactose intolerance the entire film - bliss. Honestly, the film could have been in Spanish with no subtitles and I would have been like, 'Just thanks so much for having me, you guys!!' But, you're not here to listen to why I can't have dairy, you wanna know about the film.

So, the movie. I watched it for something to do while I'm waiting for Tenet and The King of Staten Island to come out, and also, it was only $10, so you know, this gave me the leftover $46 to spend on my ice-cream.

The Assistant is one of those off-beat films that get all this festival praise, and when you see it and it kinda feels a bit Emperor's New Clothes-ish. Like, I didn't get the hoopla. Do I not get it? Am I dumb, or is this just...okay?

The good

The story follows a day in the life of Jane (Julia Garner), an assistant to a powerful movie executive we know simply as 'Him'. She acts really well considering she has like two lines (fomo, easiest script to learn ever), as we see the subtle micro-aggressions, misogyny and passive-aggressive, sexist behaviour that she puts up with every day, and would be common the world