• Nicole Sherwin

Film Review: This Is Paris

After 20 years of playing the dumb blonde, she’s happy for people to know that’s not her - she’s just very good at pretending to be one.

Trigger Warning: This article deals with child abuse which some may find distressing.

Source: Youtube

This segment is from the Large Almond Latte Podcast Episode: The Pending Extinction of the Mean Girl & This is Paris.

If you’ve ever given Paris Hilton more than two minutes of surface level attention, you would have realised that someone who is the world's highest paid female DJ at $1 million per gig, with19 product lines and 27 fragrances worth over $3 billion, and who travels for work 250 days a year, probably has a little more substance than “That’s hot.”

Pioneer. Source: GiPHY.

Give a bit of thought and you’ll realise that Paris is a pioneer. She’s the original reality tv star, the OG influencer. Who didn’t get velour tracksuit pants because Paris had them? Paris invented the selfie. Her tick shouldn’t even be blue, it should be gold because it’s embarrassing to put her in the same category as ex-Bachelor and MAFS contestants. She’s the godd