• Nicole Sherwin

Film Review: Work It

A film Missy Elliot would be proud to share a title with.

Source: Screen Rant

When it comes to the ‘teen comedy’ on Netflix, they might as well change their name to Daniel, because they’ve been delivering absolute donuts the last few months. But Work It is as refreshing as your first drink outside the house after six months inside.

The construct is nothing new: a bunch of 20 somethings playing high-schoolers, college applications and a love story, in-fact, it blatantly borrows scenes and storylines from its predecessors Bring It On, To All the Boys I've Loved Before and The Kissing Booth 2, but unlike the latter two, it works and the one-liners are well played.

Source: Screen Rant

Quinn (played by Sabrina Carpenter, the hot sister in Tall Girl), is a clumsy 'nerd' desperate to get into Duke College because her dad went there. When I say clumsy nerd, I mean her hair is died mousy brown and her clothes are horrendously offensive in a bid to disguise the fact she’s actual unbelievably gorgeous.

She does all the right things to get into Duke- AP classes, plays the Cello, volunteers at a nursing home, which is straight outta the To all the boys... playbook. But in an acceptance interview, the Admissions Officer (played by Michelle Buteau), is like, ‘You are so boring and unexceptional,’ which leads her to tell a bit fat white lie, that she’s part of the school dance team who have appeared on Ellen, so that’s a big deal.