• Mia Goreng

Creative Date Ideas For Valentines Day

We 100% guarantee a better time than a walk around the Tan or a Zoom date.

Source: Holey Moley

Fact: I give good date. So much so, I wish I could date myself sometimes...but I'm not that much of a narcissist. So this is for you daters, whether single or coupled up who I'm sure are looking forward to IRL experiences. So let's skip the boring dinner-and-movie basic sh*t and get a bit more creative.

Mini Golf

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To be honest, the idea of golf bores me to tears, potentially due to associations of a certain ex-boyfriend or the fact that I'm not a middle aged white man. Mini-golf on the other hand - total winner! Particularly if you have one that doubles as a bar so you can drink down some tasty cocktails while shooting some holes. Let that competitive side bring a bit of fun to the date! My suggestion to make things a lot more interesting - place wagers or make your opponent date drink a shot of tequila each time a hole in one is scored.

The Spa Date