Happy Accounts To Follow That Will Make You Smile

Cos it's nice to smile before bed rather than howl in despair.

Has anyone else been feeling that everywhere you turn, the world is doom and gloom? The news, your feed, your mum...everything is full of bad news vibes. Some of this is important, of course, and it's always good to stay abreast of what is happening in the world. But sometimes, particularly before bed, we just need to look at something you know...not anxiety-inducing. Check out our Top 10 insta accounts that are full of good vibes - and feel free to add to the list of happy accounts that will make us all smile!

The Happy Newspaper @thehappynewspaper

I came across this when I was desperately looking for something good to read on my 3am scroll. Created by Britain's Emily Coxhead, the cute af Happy Newspaper bills itself as a 'platform to share positive news and wonderful people'. With cute doodles, stories, videos and one-liners, their only goal is to make you smile.

Humans of New York @humansofny