• Jessica Taylor Yates

How To Get 20% Off Throws And Scarves

We can finally have people in our homes, so it's time to make them look lush AF.

Mmm, cosy-cose!

Say hello to your new favourite Aussie textile brand with 20% off from Codu for Large Amond Latte fans only!

Hold up. What’s Codu?

An Aussie start up, our friends at Codu were looking to find a way to make luxury products like cashmere ("Did you say...cashmere?") and merino wool affordable for the masses. Thus, Codu was born!

Codu is a creation from the Estonian and Spanish languages, a hybrid of the words Kodu and Casa, both meaning ‘home’. Aww! 100% Australian and family-owned, they source their materials worldwide before having them expertly crafted for the masses. Enter, YOU!<