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How We First Met: Jess and Ash

Featuring stories around the world of how a love story began - romances, friendships, and everything in between.

Image: Supplied.

In August 2010, I (Jessica) headed with a friend from Melbourne, Australia to a semester abroad in LA. The college emailed us to state that some students had offered free rides from the airport. We accepted, wondering what kind of a weirdo would actually offer to drive a friend to the airport, let alone someone they don't even know. We agreed to be polite and then abandon this weird stranger unless of course, they murdered us first. The first rule of travel is America = guns. This is why I am always polite on US freeways.


Accepting this ride turned out to be one of the best things I ever did, besides change to SNS polish. Ashley rocked up with her awesome friend Courtney, they took us out for food, arranged amazing events, took us out in her Mustang (!) and was generally just so kooky and fun. We stayed in touch and got on so well that I moved in with her aka my US bff for second semester. Also, she cleans like Monica which was most beneficial. 

The next year, both Ash and Courtney came to Melbourne to live for a few months. Some romances here and there (not with each other, but never say never), unforgettable trips interstate, and now 10 years later we still have plans to meet up around the world - all because she offered us a ride. 

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