Can You Buy A Home When Price Are 10x Your Salary?

For Lady Bosses who want to smash the property game.

woman just bought a house

How's a woman supposed to afford a place around here? Source: WIix.

As a working woman of the world, getting into your late 20s-30s can be great: no more feeling like you must be at ‘da club’ on a Thursday ‘til 3am (or even at a bar on a Friday ‘til 6pm, let’s be honest. House Hunters to watch, shiny new vacuums to buy online…) You’ve hopefully moved up a rung or two on the corporate ladder (hopefully being the operative word here #JuniorAt31), and you’ve finally found the haircut that works for your face shape. But this stage of your life also comes with inevitable downers and expectations – suddenly pasta at lunch doesn’t go through the metabolism as fast as it used to and is apparently now a ‘sometimes’ food, so you need to ‘work out’ to ditch the fat (read: hard pass), you’re expected to magically understand the difference between cheap and expensive wines at restaurants that charge $35 for some sort of Asian Fusion device, and everyone around you is suddenly buying a house. Seriously. Everyone! You stop and ask yourself -when did mortgages and interest rates become Saturday night chat? Hard to pin a date, but it’s probably around the same time Saturday nights went from the 3 am shoving of your tongue down a stranger’s throat to a dinner party where the host asks you to Venmo the $11.64 pp she spent on the Rotisserie chicken, but that’s another topic. The point is, sometimes you can feel like you got left behind in the rat race and like you will never be able to save up enough for a deposit for A Room of One’s Own. (Yeah, I’m using it in my own context, shoot me).

Rule #1: Stop comparing yourself to others

Saving when you’re in a couple is hard enough – full disclosure, I’m in one (don’t worry, there's no shmoopys here. He is handy at making said pasta, though). But when yet another one of my girlfriends proudly announced that she and her partner had purchased a home (#ygg), I started thinking about those in our group who had and had not entered the housing market. And it was very clear from my solely anecdotal evidence that, even with respectable careers in law, marketing, accounting and so on, it was mainly the Sassy Single Ladies who had been left behind on the Impossible Property Chain. But why? And what can be done about it -and not in an advertorial or unachievable, but truly real way - for Lady Bosses to not just enter, but smash the Property Game? We know some of the statistics already, and they’re worse than the last episode of How I Met Your Mother (still not over it. Can you tell?) The gender pay gap means we earn roughly 15% less than men across all careers, less Super, and have l