• Stephanie Bruno

“I Was Obliterated In One Afternoon By The Angriest Nannas You Ever Saw"

The instANGRY Boomer Pandemic.

What do you call Karen's mum? Source: Shutterstock.

I watch reality trash tv for the same reason I squeeze those massive PMS zits on my chin every month. I know I’m going to hate myself at the end of it, but I physically cannot stop myself.

When you’ve spent nine hours typing on a computer at a thankless job, your brain doesn’t want to go home and think. The only thing you can do is stare blankly at predictable plots being played out by the same 20 white people from last year with slightly different names and jobs.

There are three reality shows on TV that bring my hubby and I nothing but complete and utter joy and (bonus) don’t slowly murder my brain cells. Gogglebox, Travel Guides and Have You Been Paying Attention. Cannot get enough. I turn off the telly actually feeling good about life and the human race.

When I saw that Travel Guides was returning to our screens the other week, I jumped on the couch in exuberance to tune in, only to find that we had yet another episode of MAFS, and Travel Guides wouldn’t return for another two weeks (secretly a win-win.)

Ok, so my first thought upon seeing these promotional ads of my favourite Newcastle family, The Frens, holidaying in exotic locations such as Greece, Turkey and Cambodia, was “HOW?” We couldn’t even visit local Bali, aka ‘The Goldie’ over Easter thanks to that stripper/tradie super spreading all over Byron Bay!

Nevertheless, I was ready for some giggles, so decided to jump on their Insta page to find out the reason behind the delay, only to be bombarded with the most 'Karen-esque' messages from their supposed 'fans.' You’d think with the level of rage evoked, the producers had dropped the superspreader stripper in their houses and contaminated their whole families with COVID. Here are just a few to wet your whistle:

So, so salty. Source: @travelguides via Instagram.

“Not happy with yet another false date!” – I love an exclamation point. Almost makes you miss Trump.

Ass-hats! What a gee up!" (Insert thumbs down emoji).