• Jessica Taylor Yates

In this franchise, it's fine to break up with the winner - as long as you're The Bachelorette.

With our male bachelors though - you have to stay with the winner, or you are out.

Source: Huffpost

Going on The Bachelor franchise can be a real gamble. By Season 8, we as the audience feel we know the ropes - there's a villain, a favourite, a crazy one, a Stage 5 clinger - but what about the actual Bachelor? How are they received? By looking at some anecdotal evidence, it's clear that by becoming the Bach, Australian audiences have a formula of our own if we want you to succeed. With our male bachelors - you have to stay with the winner, or you are out. We're not so strict on our female bachies though - they can do what they want, it seems. Let's take a look at those who didn't end up so lucky in love, and how the public responded:

Blake Garvey

Source: Channel 10

Blake was the second Bachie after the fairytale that was Tim and Anna, and the fir