• Jessica Taylor Yates

Napping During The Work Day: Socially Acceptable Or Animal Behaviour?

A totally biased investigation.

We fell asleep. That is all! Source: NBC

So, full disclosure. I froth a good nap. Always have. I'd love to be one of those freaks like my best friend (sorry not sorry) who look at their watch at 7am and go, 'Oh, I'm missing the day!' She then sprints out of bed and stays this way all day. Bonus points for those also who actually (shock horror!) then get dressed to live their day at home. I also know napping could potentially be avoided if I actually had a better sleep routine. I messaged Co-Laller Nikki the other day and asked how she can possibly work a full day in the office and then come home to care for her bebe. She said you just get used to