• Nicole Sherwin

It's Time For A Skincare Routine 3: Serems

Up until now, we’ve been at pre-drinks get tipsy. Now we’re at the club and this is where shit gets wild. Just like you wouldn’t go to pre-drinks and skip the club (well I totally would), but you don’t skip serums. 


Note: all recommendations are author's own and prices are correct in AU$ at time of publication. Please ensure you know your own skin conditions before using any of the below recommendations.

It’s Time For A Skincare Routine- as discussed on Episode 11 of the Large Almond Latte Podcast.

Have you read the other parts? Make sure you get all your beauty hacks in order for your fresh new routine here.



They’re the main event. Serums are super concentrated antioxidants, actives or hydrators, so what you choose to use depends on which skin concern you’d like to target.  Basically, we’ve been drinking cruisers and now we’re doing shots and this is the menu: