• Nicole Sherwin

Lazy Girl Life Skills

We're not actually lazy, we're efficient in avoiding things we don't like.

Source: Twitter

This segment is from the Large Almond Latte Podcast Episode: Lazy Girl Life Skills

This week I found myself Googling ‘how to lose weight without trying.’ Because when I’m exercising I actually do love it, but there’s nothing I hate more than starting exercise when you’re unfit and after having a baby. Additionally, being under house arrest for basically this whole year, it’s safe to say I am no Cathy Freeman. There were so many articles with tips like ‘drink coffee’ and ‘sleep lots.’ Obviously, I do those things and they are not helping, but then I was like, ‘Omg what the actual fuck I am doing?! Go for a run you lazy bitch!' You’ll be pleased to know that I did shut my laptop. I obviously did not go for a run, but I did get a segment for this week.

Fans, this week in the Facebook Group we asked you: what are your laziest life skills?

And when the responses started rolling in I realised - we’re not lazy, we’re highly efficient. We’re living by a life philosophy I bet Voltaire himself wished would have thought of. We minimise time doing things we don’t like so that we can maximise things we do like...like sleeping!