• Jessica Taylor Yates

Let's Solve Your Bridal Dilemmas

Unsure what you need to pay for and if Uncle Ron's latest squeeze has to come? We gotchu.

Do I have to invite the bitch who ruined everything? Source: 20th Century Fox

Getting engaged is fun - for a hot minute - until you realise all the stress that comes with a wedding. Everyone has opinions, and it can be confusing. Do you need to buy everyone a $500 dress? Send thank-you cards via carrier pigeon? Have ten different types of cuisine? Have everyone's kids? Let's solve all these dilemmas once and for all with our handy guide below!

**Note: this guide does not count for COVID restrictions in place in your area**

Do I have to invite everyone's +1?

It's a hard NO. Source: GiPHY

Fuck no. I'm sorry, but please. In all honesty, people even asking is rude. If I wanted you there, I would have invited you - take the hint. That said, everyone has their own rules on this. I mean, look - if you can afford it, go for it. The only thing I'll say is this: don't do the 'time limit' thing, like 'If they've been dating a minimum of six months they come.' That's you casting judgement on the validity of someone else's relationship, like you've decided there's a 'magic number' that means their rel is 'real'. Some people get engaged after six weeks and some people break up after 20 years. That's not up to you to decide. If it's a close family member or friend, just be a mate, if you don't know them and it's small, stand firm. Also COVID = best excuse for restrictions on invites ever.

Do I have to adhere to dietary requirements even if they're super annoying?

I want to be Jane Fonda when I grow up. Source: GiPHY

Yeah. What are you gonna do, tell the vegans to eat a burger or don't come? Don't be a dick. That said, there are limitations. Dietary requirements like they'll die if they have shellfish, or they don't eat dairy? Yep. Them sending you a curated menu of their preferred cuisine for the day? (This has actually happened). Hard Pass.

Do I have to play a song everyone wants?

Will never not be iconic. Source: GiPHY

I know there's a trend to get everyone to send you a song with your invite. It's cute, inclusive and fun, but not necessary. While I wouldn't recommend only blasting your sad emo music if you actually want a dance floor, you're paying for the band, do what you want.