• Jessica Taylor Yates

XES: the sex product start-up catering to ALL pleasure seekers

It's time to flip your sex life around.

Source: Pink Bits via XES Products

This week, we are looking to crush taboos and questions around sex. On the podcast, Nicole spoke with leading sexologist Jasmine Zahner about female pleasure and products, which led us to the latest Aussie start-up to hit the market: XES Products. Their catch is that they provide products and resources for everyone, with a focus on 'empowering individuals with physical, cognitive and sexual health conditions'. And guess what - they are offering their favourite Large Almond Latte audience 15% off all products with the code LARGEALMONDLATTE. So, what's in store?

The products

Source: XES Products

At XES, you can shop by body part, user, brand and access, with each product giving information on key features, if they are disability-friendly, access, health and care - there really is something for everyone!

The philosophy

Source: XES Products

Started by a Melbourne-based couple with backgrounds in rehabilitation and occupational therapy, XES Products was started to promote sexual health and wellbeing and to encourage educational and sex-positive conversations for everyone. They aim to create a safe space that 'facilitates much-needed dialogue around topics that don’t have a place in everyday conversation, and to debunk myths that exclude certain people from exploring their sexuality.'

Access to all