• Jessica Taylor Yates

Lockdown Brides - What Now?

The brides of 2020 have been thrown the mother of all curveballs that no Jennifer Lopez movie could have predicted.

Wait. No. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Source: GiPHY

This year has been rough on everyone - people with kids, small business owners, people who love brunch - and of course, brides. Weddings cancelled globally has not just affected us (yes, I am one) but the whole industry - from catering and dress-making to wedding planners and sad gift registries. We speak with brides whose weddings were cancelled on what they plan to do now. Still going ahead? Eloping? Fucking the whole thing off and buying a house instead?

For myself, I had a big fat Jewish wedding planned, with 200+ people from home and abroad. Four weeks out, when I'd painstakingly written out every place card, my run sheet to the minute (do you not have a run sheet with events going from 4:03pm - 4:17pm? Okay weirdo) and my crash dieting was at its limit, we had to cancel.

It was absolutely crushing. I howled with tears all weekend, but to be honest, the anxiety over choosing whether or not to cancel (this was early days) was sooo much worse.