• Nicole Sherwin

Normal Behaviours With Your Dog

Like sharing a nice glass of Pinot with the good boy.

If you’re like the 2.5% of people who haven’t watched Love Is Blind on Netflix, basically this girl Jessica (no, not ours) is drinking wine and gives her dog a sip. When I saw Jessica feeding her dog wine, I really didn’t flinch. I mean, TBH it wasn’t the most questionable of her behaviours, was it? And I think I've probably done it. I mean, somehow I know my dog doesn’t like wine, so I must have tried it at some point. But I think some people might take issue with that, maybe call that animal abuse? Maybe they gave PETA a call? But I was like, I’ve done that; my dog just doesn’t like wine. But then I got thinking about the other behaviours I have because I have a dog. Some I feel are perfectly acceptable, others some people may consider normal adjacent.

So you can visualise, I have a little Pomchi, that’s a Pomeranian cross Chihuahua called Louis Lenny Batman. He’s a little weirdo and likes confined spaces. He spends most of his day inside my wardrobe, inside my shoes. Or if you’re a cat person, you can visualise that instead.

Our totally normal behaviours include:

Why spoon a hooman, when you can spoon a doggo?

Obviously like any regular person, I let my dog sleep in my bed. It’s the best, he always snuggles in my nooks. Sometimes he’s the big spoon, sometimes he’s the little spoon, but he always makes me feel loved and constant positive reassurance is really something I really need in my life to keep my anxiety at bay.

I wish you could talk to me

It’s super nice to cuddle your doggo if you don’t have a human. I do have a human and I’d still rather spoon my dog. Even when my dog doesn’t want to spoon me, sometimes I just force him anyway and hold him really tight and then I worry that if he could ever communicate with me he’d tell me how much he hates me. That occupies my thoughts more frequently than it should. Like, if you and your dog