• Jessica Taylor Yates

Notes from a model in quarantine

Think you could handle two weeks in quarantine? Read this first.

I also totally look like this when I'm just chillin'... Source: @ miawoolrich

Be honest - in lockdown, the thought of running away to another state, particularly if you are form Victoria, has totally sprung to mind more than once. Stuff it, I could do two weeks in quarantine if it means I can go to dinner or the movies again! But what's it really like? We get the tea from our favourite model Mia Woolrich on what has been going down at the mandatory quarantine facility in Howard Springs, Darwin.

Mia, who you may recognise from her various campaigns for Bonds, Ralph Lauren and Jeans West to name a few, has modelled all over the world, having been based in New York, LA and most recently, Melbourne, Victoria.

So, how come you’re in Darwin?

I’m en route to Sydney for work from Melbourne, and had to choose somewhere to quarantine to get out of 'dirty' Victoria! The idea of two weeks alone in a hotel room in Sydney with no fresh-air wasn't appealing for my mental or physical health, and I’d heard from friends that the quarantine facility in Darwin was actually really nice.

What was the airport like? And the plane?

Melbourne airport was rough. The security people were pretty hard on everyone I’ve spoken to here. You’re allowed to fly out of state if you have a valid reason (I had a legitimate letter of employment - I couldn’t work in Melbourne so need to in Sydney), but for whatever reason, the security officers gave us all a hard time. Even some of my neighbours here are travelling due to serious family illnesses or deaths and they gave them a hard time.

The plane was like normal, no empty seats. Vibe was funny though, because everyone knew we were all about to be locked up together for two weeks. Everyone flying into Darwin automatically gets put on a bus on arrival and taken here, so you better be friendly with everyone on your flight!

So, are the reports true? Is it nice?

It is really nice!!! Think school camp crossed with a health retreat slash prison vibes! After Melbourne winter, I’m loving the heat and everyone here is in a good mood! The only downside is the food (see pics). Thank goodness we have supermarket delivery and a little bar fridge. Oh, and no booze allowed. It’s the forced health retreat I never would have done on my own accord.