• Melissa Baldrey Brown

Plasma Pen: Is It Worth It?

"I have never seen an expression go from admiration to disbelief then pity so quickly."

By Melissa Baldrey Brown | Contributor

About 12 years ago, I was sitting in my mum’s backyard after a family BBQ, just having a quiet cuppa and watching the fire in the chiminea when suddenly, a spark flew out of the flames. It floated like a miniature firefly into the air and drifted slowly towards me. It was beautiful. I watched, mesmerised, as it landed gently on the back of my hand and felt like a tiny kiss…for about half a second. Then it felt exactly like searing flesh, not to exaggerate but I am sure it was like the lye kiss in Fight Club. The pain to size ratio was ridiculous. It literally throbbed for about five days. I think of it often, but at least I had learned my lesson regarding the importance of keeping my skin unburnt.

Turns out, I had not.