• Jessica Taylor Yates

Recap: The Younger Series Finale

Who is endgame: Charles or Josh?

The anticipation has been hotter than a mouthful of hot tamale. Source: Glamour

**Note: SERIOUS spoilers ahead for the series finale of Younger. You've been warned**

Well, it happened. The series finale for Younger just dropped at 6 pm AEST, and you can bet your ass I was on the couch at 5.59 pm refreshing like crazy. In fact, for the last week, it's all I could think about. Dream about. Talk about. Sound crazy? I'M NOT CRAZY YOU ARE. My husband was laughing at my love. I informed him that I had been in a relationship with Younger for seven years, longer than the relationship I had been in with him and it, therefore, was the longest partnership of my life.

But you're not interested in my polyamorous adventures. What happened to everyone, dammit?!

We have to imagine that Diana just had lots of sex and pasta in Italy. Source: Paramount

You'll know that I have not been that happy with this season. And honestly, I'm not alone. From the camp dance sequences to the serious LACK of Diana (Note: not forgiven for the latter), the total background-ness (yes, go with it) of Josh and the shoving of new storylines into final episodes, calling it a shemozzle would be an understatement. That said, we've all put in the time and it’s too late to back away now. It's like a lasagne where you fucked up the cheese, but there was so much time in making the sauce, you just have to eat it anyway. (The Italian reference was for our fallen Queen).

Please note this recap is gonna assume you watch the show. I'll give you a slight background to the lead-up, but then we be rollin'.

In the final few episodes, here is where we were at: Maggie, after being 'cancelled' by her ex-boss, is having a career resurgence (thanks to the boss, again), and now the boss is sucking up, big time. Kelsey is dating Claire's rich ex, and has been shopping her new publishing platform idea, Inkubator, to various investors - without Charles' knowledge. Josh thinks Kelsey dating Claire's ex is pretty uncool (Claire is fuming) and doesn't really rate the dude. Who knows wtf else Josh is up to, Diana's old desk has had more of a plotline than Josh this season.

Lauren's dad suffers a near-death experience and is saved by her Jewish doctor ex, Max (let's just pretend that long-winded push-up scene didn't exist, k?) She sees this as a sign, and is contemplating getting back together with him.

Liza, after running after Charles and Quinn at the airport, finally makes Charles realise he's been a moron. He leaves Quinn for Liza, where they passionately kiss and profess their love for one another, leaving Quinn livid and ready to exp