• Nicole Sherwin

Cash Spotting: Signs someone is RICH.

Surefire ways to spot someone with an offshore bank account.

Source: @richkidsofInstagram

This article is from the podcast episode: 'Show Me The Money'

There are some things in life we’re born with. Talent, good looks - and the ability to sniff out money.

Because when we asked you this week in our Facebook Group ‘Large Almond Latte,’ for the subtle signs that someone has cash...

you had more answers than Google, or at least Bing. And it turns out fans, you’ve been cash spotting since you were knee-high to your mumma’s thigh.

Rich. Source: Mamamia

Primary school was a fertile ground to spot the cash elite. Fan Mark made friends with anyone that didn’t have a pantry full of home brand, but genuine articles, like real Weet-Bix and Kit Kats. Fans John and Jess made it a priority to hang around the kids that had Yogos and Dunkaroos at recess. They were living large. It turns out, if you’ve got cash, you can also pay for your kid to get a good grade, without actual cash exchanging hands. You just need to stock your kid up with the 72 set of Derwent pencils and they’re sure to get top marks in Art. Fan Laura was highly jealous of those kids.

Stairs, the ultimate status symbol for 10 year olds. Source: GIPHY

Foxtel or cable TV definitely made the difference between going to your house or theirs after school to play according to fan Jess. But I’m here to rebut that. I had cable TV always, but the most basic package, so my dad could watch the horse races from home and didn’t have to go to the TAB. It was torture seeing The Disney Channel and The Movie Channels and not having access to them because my parents wouldn’t fork out $80 a month so I could watch Hannah Montana. Rude. The ultimate status of child money though, stairs. Fans Jess and Marcia will tell you, someone with stairs is RICH. I was filthy at my parents for not having a house with stairs. My mum said she never wanted a house with stairs because it hurt her knees, which I thought was the worst excuse, but as an adult is something I 100% respect.