• Jessica Taylor Yates

Spring Drinks Menu

Move over froséand Aperol, there's some new basic bitches in town.

"I'll have 11, stat." Source: Dailyburn

Is it Tuesday, Wednesday, or 1982? Who knows? But I do know from the one hour I spend outside my cell every day that something is starting to prickle my arms. The sun, because spring has sprung, which means summer is around the corner and it’s time to put away the heavy reds and bring out the spritzes and rosés.

I’ve teamed up with mixologist Mark, (also my baby daddy) and more importantly International Food and Cocktail connoisseur Mia Goreng to bring you this season's lip-smacking delights. Mia gets across Australasia tasting the best food and drinks, so you know she’s legit.

These are drinks you’ll be posting on your Instagram feed this fresh out of lockdown season. This way, you can get in early and post before any of your friends like a true trendsetter. You’ll be blue-tick certified in no time. Whether you’re picking up some ready to go drinks from BWS, refining your cocktail skillzzz at home or looking for something besides an Aperol Spritz to order at your Sunday sesh at College Lawn, we’ve got you covered.