• Nicole Sherwin

Teenage Bounty Hunters

It's like The Politician, but good.

Source: Spoiler TV

Teenage Bounty Hunters is the surprise party you need, especially if your birthday was in lockdown. Bringing you some punchy lolz from start to fin.

Sterling and Blair, aside from having names high on your baby name list, are sheltered fraternal teenage twins, living in Trump's America. They’re gun-toting, God-fearing children of well-to-do Republicans living in the South, who accidentally become child bounty hunters apprenticing for this guy Bowser, who works out of a yoghurt shop, which looks tasty.

Source: IMDB

The show stars absolutely nobody you’ve ever heard of, but will soon. One of interest is Sterling, played by Maddie Phillips, who lived in Australia as a child and went to Penrhros School in Perth, which is the same spenny, elite school Laura from Bachie went to.