• Nicole Sherwin

The Best Local Seltzers For Your Summer

We've teamed up with The Seltzer Store to bring you our fav locally produced summer seltzers.

Image: Supplied

WTF is a seltzer? Move over Aperol and Rosé, because these are the drinks you'll be posting on the 'gram all summer from your local, your balcony or a sneaky Sunday sesh this Summer.

Seltzers are alcoholic soda water. They're either made from sugar cane or malted barley, then they're mixed with soda water and flavours. The good news is, seltzers are totally in collaboration with your summer bod. You’ll find most are sugar-free, carb-free, fat-free and vegan. This means that because they're so natural, even when they're pre-mixed they're super light and refreshing, (unlike other premixes which taste like you've necked a can of raw sugar).

There are more new seltzer brands popping up than ex-reality TV show contestants applying for blue ticks. We're all about supporting local, so we've teamed up with The Seltzer Store to bring you our fav locally produced summer seltzers.

You can be fully seltzer stocked all Summer long with The Seltzer Store without even having to leave your house! (Save that ride share money). Also, you can set up re-occurring deliveries so you never run out!

Ray Hard Seltzer

Image: @rayhardseltzer Instagram

Naturally brewed in 'Footsc’Ray' in Melbourne's inner-west, it just looks like summer refreshment. I'm all about this packaging, but I'm even more about the flavour. Ray is made a bit like a beer (but doesn't taste like it), with hops used early in the brewing process before fruit is added later on, giving you a pared-back fresh taste, with just a hint of fruity goodness, available in three refreshing flavours.

Plus: To add to the positives, it's got less than 1g of sugar, 88 calories and is Vegan.

West is best. Buy now</