• Nicole Sherwin

The best sex toys and tips according to a sexologist

There are quite literally millions of options to help you maximise pleasure, so we've consulted the expert, sexologist Jasmine Zahner, for her top recommendations.

Source: metro.co.uk

Let's talk about SEX, ba-by! Where to even begin?! Well, you probably began when you were 16 at a house party, or you know, something classier, but it probably wasn't a scream-inducing good time; and sex, whether with yourself or with a partner, should be A GOOD TIME!

This week on the podcast, we had a special guest star, our favourite sexologist Jasmine Zahner. Jasmine spoke with us about the 'ins and outs' of female pleasure. Have a listen to the episode 'Let's Talk About Sex Baby!' to hear Jasmine's tips on becoming comfortable with your own body sexually, finding new ways to maximise pleasure and hear Jasmine bust a whole heap of myths about sex (that as a 30 something year old I definitely still believed).

There are quite literally millions of porn sites and sex toy options, so to provide assistance with your pleasure endeavours, here are Jasmine's top toys and sites for:

Exploring masturbation techniques

On masturbation, Jasmine says it's important to explore different techniques. You don't have to stick to what you know:


Source: omgyes.com.au

OMGyes.com is basically the sex education you wish you got when you were a teenager so you could actually enjoy sexual encounters from the start. It's an educational subscription website that, says Jasmine, "Shows women masturbating and them talking about how they masturbate and their experiences with masturbation. It will show you explicitly a woman masturbating and the different techniques and rhythms and motions that they use and then you practice those and try them on yourself and see whether you enjoy them or not."