The Block Episode 1: Recap

I wasn't going to recap The Block, but the show was a giant ad, so I had some time.

We are so diverse! Cos there's even a father and daughter! Source: Channel 9

First up, who else watches it the next day? The hour long a̶d̶ episode, not to mention the ads in between the hour a̶d̶ program, I can't. Also, my husband put his foot down and considering I do that with 90% of what he wants to watch, I had to watch at 2pm today, Monday. But hey...I had the time.

So anyway, let's move on. We met the variety of contestants, and when I say variety, I mean the 90% white couples, except for Victoria, with a Greek father and daughter. Represent re! I was disappointed at the staleness of the line-up, but kept watching, cos you know...I was already sitting down.

Source: PinImg.

The first couple, Jimmy and Tam from QLD, made their mark by informing us that she pours the best beer, and that she does modelling to get 'the best builder' from HiPages. Unsure what any of this has to do with building skills, but k.

In NSW, we have George and his partner who I will call 'Label Maker', because she appeared thrilled to show us how she labels things at work, but not so much with the actual labour part of the show. I was concerned she didn't read the fine print and though this was a 'label' show, not 'labour,' as she ends up crying and being awkward and terrified at every prospect...and we're only in ep 1. Gonna be a tough ride sis.

Over in SA, we have Daniel and Jade, who basically have been living in iso their whole lives; and from WA, Luke and Jasmin, who love entertaining us with their crazy witty banter, like that WA stands for Wait Awhile...get it?! (No, me neither). Jasmine tells us that she works while he husband, 'surfs, dj's, models...hahaha PAY SOME BILLS!...hahaha'. Nerv for that tension already (and by nerv I mean, fuck yeah). But also, I feel. If Will and I went on, we'd murder each other Day 1. But, the remaining person would have some free HiPages and Lite n' Easy vouchers, so maybe worth it?

Lastly we've got Harry and Tash from Vic, the first father/daughter combo on the show and DID YOU KNOW THEY ARE GREEK THEY ARE PAINTING THEIR BEACH BOX LIKE GREEK COLOURS COS GREEK. Also I love it. But just saying. Also, when on camera Tash's mum snuck in 'accidentally' with her hair and make-up done and mum, same. I feel you. My dad once appeared on the news walking down the street in a background shot, so he bought a new shirt for it and then gathered us all around the tv to watch his two second cameo, we spoke about it for months. Worth it, is what I'm saying. Anyway, Tash starts crying how much she loves her dad and SAME but not now babe, you're showing too much weakness, everyone knows this is Survivor: Brighton Burbs Edish. Stay strong.