• Jessica Taylor Yates

The Block Recaps: Guest Room and Bathroom

Something happened that made Shayna feel sick to her stomach...

Oh, I just can't wait to be King! Source: realestate.com.au

Hi everyone, and welcome to another round of armchair judging. I am your resident work-from-home (WFH) Judge, here to comment on what we, as the uneducated but overly opinionated masses, really think. This week, I’m not going to add the usual 'what we were hoping for' this week, as we’ve already seen that on previous bedrooms and bathrooms, plus - we have two rooms per couple to get through, and you have things to do, like unloading your dishwasher. Let’s go!

First up - Can we rate Shayna’s earrings? Cos it’s a 10 for mine. Love!