• Jessica Taylor Yates

The Block Recap: Master Ensuite Bathrooms

Where we judge from the comfort of our living rooms or let's be real, our own bathrooms.

Be right back, adding this to my vision board. I'm sure my husband will love it. Source: Channel 9.

Hi everyone, and welcome to another round of armchair judging! I am your resident Work From Home (WFH) Judge with zero qualifications in interior design but like all of us, a Master's Degree in Internet Opinions. As viewers, let’s be real, and talk about what we really thought of tonight’s ensuite bathrooms. First up, are we judging without eras now? Like, are they totally forgotten? If I was to judge the 1940s on hitting the era, for example, it’s a hard 0/10. That said, it is a beautiful bathroom. So maybe we will just go with that. Secondly, claps all round - no one was terrible. Everyone had a really ‘nice’ bathroom that you probably wouldn’t re-do, was consistent and lovely. I kinda wanted everyone to win. But, this is a competition, and some are more equal than others. Let’s go!

Harry and Tash (1920s)

Yass VIC! We stuffed up last time, but you got this! Hoping for: