• Lucy Scott

The Elder Millennial Guide To Fashion: Winter Wardrobe Essentials

I don't know wtf a shacket is, but I know I need one in my wardrobe this season.

It's all about tonal colours, apparently.

After a year living in trakkies, we needed HALP with our fash game. On our Instagram, we asked you to send in your questions and there were MANY. So, we’ve created 'The Millennial Guide To Fashion', with fash expert Lucy Scott, to give you the answers to the 'elder millennials' most important fash questions.

This week, we’re trying hard not to sound like the ‘cool mom’ from Mean Girls, but we’ve asked Lucy, ‘What’s so hot right now?’ And more importantly, ‘What’s so hot right now, that’s millennial appropriate?’

What trends should we be across this winter?

1. The Knit Set

It's the cosy chic older sister to the sweat/trakkie set, and much for friendly for a relaxed weekend look outside of the house and running errands. Brands like Elka Collective, Country Road and Mango all have affordable styles. Zara also have a whole section dedicated to Knit Coords, some more lounge vibes and other more dressy choices.

Other options include more elevated sets with a knit wrap top and matching skirt, great for the office and for summer, brightly coloured lightweight knit and shorts combos.

Zara - Wool Blend Pencil Skirt