• Nicole Sherwin

The Elder Millennial Hotel

Insta-worthy decor, brunch included and hangover free alcohol. What more could you want?

Yes, this will largely be photos of me on holiday. Image: Supplied.

This week we asked you in our Facebook Group: What you will NEVER, EVER, EVER do again?

And in somewhat of a tangent whilst still threading through elements the original topic, I have come up with a top-notch business idea that will have the elder millennials flocking!

Me, age 30. Source: GIPHY

It’s a strong indication that you’ve reached 30 when you claim you will never ever stay in a hostel again, as fan Molly did. And Mol, even if you wanted to, I feel like a lot of them have rules where over 30s are banned, because remember how there was always that random 55-year old nomad in your 12-bed mixed dorm which was awkward af? And honestly, she was probably just 30 but felt old when you were 21. So basically, she was me.

This is the standard I now expect. Source: GIPHY