• Nicole Sherwin

The Fine Art of Hate-Following

And how it can actually be good for you.

Source: Unsplash

This segment is from the Large Almond Latte Podcast episode "The Fine Art of Hate Following."

You know those people on social media that are doing it all wrong? You find their content objectionable, they drive you crazy, but you’re absolutely not going to stop following them, because the buzz you get from eye-rolling their posts is better than finally getting to each brunch in a real café. It’s like a car crash, you can’t stop looking, and screenshotting and sharing with your friends for discussion in your group chat. It’s called ‘hate-following.’

Source: GiPHY

According to people with ‘Doctor’ and ‘Psychology’ in their title, there are a bunch of different emotions that cause us to take to these posts like a dog to a treat and ‘hate’ is not even on the radar, which is why the name feels a little inaccurate and aggressive. But, the term also covers the extremists, like ‘anti-fans,’ losers locked up in their parent’s basement who get joy from straight-up trolling and bitching on celebs and influencers. But we are abso