• Jessica Taylor Yates

The One Where We All Spent The Weekend Watching The Friends Reunion.

They're still there for me.

They got off the plane. Image: Variety

Is there a single Friends fan alive who did not smash the Friends Reunion special this weekend? I seriously doubt it - streaming platform Binge even stopped working on Saturday night because everyone (presumably, a bunch of Victorians in lockdown) were logging in for their tight-ass two-week trial to watch. Luckily, I already had Binge (how else will I know who killed Erin on Mare of Easttown tomorrow?!) So let's talk about some of the stuff that happened cos I am not quite ready to say goodbye.

How hot does Jennifer Aniston still look?

She's so pretty, I want to cry. Image: Deadline

Bitch hasn't aged a day. And dammit how fun does she seem? I gotta admit, I was never really a fan of Rachel Green - she's actually so self-centered and bitchy, she even stole Monica's baby name, but Jen Aniston? Like, I want drinks - but just don't pose in a photo with me, ever.

Joey is officially in Italian daddy status

How you doin'? Image: Collider

Like, how has he not been given a part in a Martin Scorsese movie yet?

Chandler did not seem...thrilled.