• Jess Pacipenik

The Picture Of Health

If you find yourself wrapped up in diet culture or feeling like there’s only one ‘healthy’ body type, I really encourage you to take a look at your social media.

Source: @meg.boggs Instagram

Let’s face it, even if there’s information out there about different diets by reputable professional organisations, these days we’re more likely to look to Instagram to get informed. But how do you cut through the crap and get a balanced view? If your feed is full of the same messages and the same body types, and those are making you feel guilty or feel like you’re in a conspiracy vortex, or if you feel like there’s ONLY one ‘healthy’ body type, it’s definitely time for the only detox I will advocate for: the social media detox from unhealthy follows.

Instead, here are a couple of my favourites to follow on the ‘gram because they post sensible, bite size bits of info for the every person and encourage you to think about health from a bunch of different angles. And if you want to check out the professionals too, we’ve got them linked below.


Source: @meg.boggs Instagram

@meg.boggs - A badass weightlifter with a non-traditionally ‘fit’ body, promoting health and fitness and throwing out some seriously impressive Personal Bests.


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